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 Without a Pharmacogenomic test, medical professionals play Russian Roulette with

their Patient's Medications

The Reason For This Website

Because Genetics is a newly discovered field, most physicians received little to no Genetics training in medical school.


 Knowing what little time they have in their busy schedules, we designed a "Crash Course" of this ground-breaking research not only to save them time but, most importantly, to help them BETTER TREAT their patients.

Everything you need to get started is on this site:

-  Fast-Moving Power Point

-  50 New Dosing Guidelines

-  3 Report Samples

-  6 Physician Testimonials

-  5 Patient Testimonials

9 Credible Endorsements

-  Informative Readings 

-  Insightful Websites


  •  Cancer Treatment Centers of...

  •  Cornell University Hospital

  •  Drexel University Hospital

  •  El Camino Hospital

  •  Georgetown University

  •  Harvard University Hospital

  •  Inova Hospital (Northern VA)

  •  Mayo Clinic

  •  Mt Sinai Hospital

  •  Scripps Health

  •  St. Jude's Hospital

  •  Stanford University Hospital

  •  University of California

  •  Vanderbilt University Hospital

  •  Plus many, many more... (click)

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Fast-Moving Introduction to Pharmacogenomics  

Physician Testimonials

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2 1/2 Minutes

3 1/2 Minutes

3 1/2 Minutes

6 Minutes

Patient Testimonials

3 1/2 Minutes

3 1/2 Minutes

Mayo Clinic

2 Minutes

Mayo Clinic

4 1/2 Minutes

3 1/2 Minutes

8 "Short" Videos from Credible Sources

The Rise of



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Recommended Reading

Pharmacy Today Magazine


  Recommended Websites

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DISCLAIMER: The information compiled on this website is for Education and Training purposes only and are the views of the website’s author. They have not been endorsed by any company or regulatory agency, are not intended as medical advice and should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition.   

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